How History Repeats Itself

As some of us have seen through social media, and as many others have no idea what is going on, this week I am going to discuss how the ‘Baltimore riots’ is just one of many to have begun with racial conflicts between communities. Rioters have been putting parts of Baltimore into chaos, torching a pharmacy, setting police […]

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The Boston Cheat Party

As many of you are aware, and as many of you may have attended, the second Boston Marathon since the horrific bombings in 2013 was held this past Monday. For many, this event still brings back terrifying memories and thoughts of what happened on that tragic day. But for every mourner, there were two people […]

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The MLB Desegregates

Well since the new MLB season is just about to get under way, I feel it is only right to give you all a little history lesson about the stepping stones that has made the league what it is today. Before World War II, Major League Baseball only consisted of white players, owners and managers. […]

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800,000 in 100 days

Just this past weekend I overheard my roommate talking to his friend about the worst tragedies in the world since we have been alive. I heard about the war in Iraq, the war in Afghanistan, Columbine, even September 11th! What I didn’t hear was what was happening in central Africa around the time most of […]

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