Meet My Blog: Hello World!

What’s up friends! My name is Connor Noe and welcome to ‘The Important, The Unknown, & The Busted. With technology on the rise and the increasing amount of social networking sites, I feel like the need to know why our world is the way it is, is becoming less and less important to our society as a whole. What historical events in our past have created such impacts as to why we live this certain way today. I bet a majority of the people that live in the United States do not even know which year we gained our independence. Pssssssst! It’s 1776.

In addition, people in our society have close to no ambition to find out factual information that they believe does not pertain to them even though it has an impact on their everyday life. Everyone is always talking about how low or high gas prices are, when a majority of you have no idea what is causing the increasing and decreasing of prices.

Lastly, I am personally sick of people thinking they know everything about everything because they read it on facebook, heard it on an infomercial, or wiki search told them so! Myths are created from bored people with too much time on their hands. This makes us even lazier that we won’t do the 30 seconds of research ourselves.

This blog will hopefully give the readers a little more confidence then Wikipedia about the important facts, unknown facts that we should know and the things that are just word of mouth.


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