Thirteen Years Ago, Today, The Legacy Began

In honor of the big game, as many of you gnarly Pats fans know, or maybe you’re just a football guru in general, the New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX, whatever the hell that number is in roman numerals, this past Sunday in Glendale, Arizona. What you may not know is that 13 years ago today, February 3rd, 2002, Tommy Terrific and Belichick became victorious in their first of four Superbowl wins, appearing in a total of 6 ‘ring games’ in the past 13 years.

Since the start of the mighty duo, Brady has broken nearly every record that there is to do so, totaling 12 NFL records. You know that’s almost one record a season?! The 4x Super Bowl Champ has received the MVP in 3 of the 4 games with another 2 league MVP’s. He has lead the Pats to win the AFC Championship game 6 times, been voted to the Pro Bowl 10 times, was the AP Male Athlete of the Year when they almost pulled off the perfect season in 2007, and is the Pat’s all-time leader in just about every offensive statistic.

What do you New Englanders think about your half god of a quarterback you have had in your amidst.


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