How Deadly Is This Killer Quick Sand?

Quicksand?! Like the unescapable trench of sand that can pull down any object to it’s death?! Ehhh not exactly. Quicksand is actually more of an invention of the movies and the imagination. Quicksand is more dense then water, and I don’t know what y’all learned in chemistry class but what I learned was that the greater the density, the greater the buoyancy (the power to float or rise in a fluid) of objects within. To most of your surprise, any victims found in quicksand most likely died from some other reason, such as dehydration, hypothermia, tides, and other predatorial threats. 

Quicksand itself is actually harmless. A human or animal is unlikely to sink entirely into quicksand due to the higher density of the fluid. Although continued panicked may cause the object to sink deeper, quicksand may be escaped by slow movement of the legs and rotation of the body so as to float upwards on your back.


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