Why’s Everyone Hatin’ on the Middle East?

For the past decade and a half, since 9/11, there has been this belligerent animosity towards the middle east in general, the religion they believe in, what they look like, how they speak, even though the majority of Americans couldn’t name five countries in the middle east. We have been taught and coerced by propaganda to despise the whole geographical area. That is why this week, I wanted to reflect back on you a little more of our history that most of you don’t even know.

In 1453, In Constantinople, which is present day Istanbul, Turkey, something happened that changed the world forever. Also, in theory, is the only reason we are here today. The eastern capital of the Christian world, at the time, would be taken over by the Ottoman Turks, an Islamic army lead under Sultan Mehmed II. Blasting through the city’s 4 miles of stone walls, with the then newly invented cannon, Mehmed seized the trading center of the world and turned Christian, Constantinople into Islamic Istanbul. The greatest cathedral in the world, becomes the largest mosque in the world. The world’s most important trade routes now in the hands of a new empire hostile to the western world (Western Europe), forcing Europeans to search for a new route.

40 years later, a Spanish vessel lead by Italian Christopher Columbus travels into uncharted waters in search for new shortcuts to the far east. After 5 weeks at sea, assuming it was Japan, they had found land. Columbus had found the Bahamas, and the beginning to the beginning of our history. The floodgates to the new western world had opened.

I can understand why some people don’t agree with everyones beliefs, and that is fine, that is the beauty of our country. Just before you stand up and point the finger as to who belongs where, just remember, if it wasn’t for their ancestors, we wouldn’t be here either.




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