The More Liquor, The Sicker?

I remember first hearing the saying, “Beer before liquor, you’ve never been sicker. Liquor before beer, your in the clear.”, from my dad during one of his painfully long fatherly advice speeches. I never quite got to understand and find out for myself whether it were true until my freshman year of college. What? Of course I was 21. Let’s just say I have had my fair share of rough nights, as I am sure most college students have. But after a couple years of experience, as a legal drinker, I began to doubt this very saying, that I swear everyone repeats to themselves as they go out on their late night adventures during the weekend.

Many people just think that beer, being the lighter drink, isn’t able to get you as drunk as other drinks such as shots of rum, vodka, gin, etc. If we have a couple of beers, then go to a pre game and start taking shots, maybe slappin’ the bag a couple times, were more bound to become sick.  But if we start with the bottle with a couple of energy drinks, then end the night with some beers, were less likely to be hangin’ around a toilet all night. Let’s just be real. Drinking too much of any type of alcohol, whether it’s a liquor, beer or wine is what it is going to get you sick. A casual mix will never see the same night. Pacing is the key.


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